Dedication to man and earth!

The biodynamic method is the basis of our actions; it is in our hearts. For us, sound management in accord with nature means viewing the soil, plants, animals and man as part of a unified whole, that we develop in careful co-operation. In the production of healthy food, soil fertility, closed nutrient cycles and animal husbandry appropriate to the species, as well as many other aspects such as environmental protection, play decisive roles. We work together exclusively with biodynamic and organic enterprises which agree with our concept of quality.



Demeter in the kitchen


Demeter as the oldest organic association with the richest traditions, is not only a pioneer, but also in quality terms a leader in the organic sector. Production follows strict standards, which are substantially above those of the EU organic regulations. Even more so in the area of processing, Demeter products captivate through their unique commitment to quality as their guiding dictate.

Demeter is the only association that foregoes completely:

•    Isolated food substances e.g. citric acid

•    Every flavouring

•    Modified starches and much more…

Growing biodynamic products on Demeter farms is the basis for healthy, vital and tasty food.

Here too, the Demeter farms commit themselves to a standard of production substantially above the EU organic regulations thereby assuring consistent unrivalled organic growing. Differences include:

•    Complete conversion of the enterprise

•    Animals as an integral part of the farm organism

•    Use of the biodynamic preparations to strengthen plants and promote soil fertility

•    Dehorning and debeaking are not allowed

•    Use of seeds of plants from pure lines as far as possible

Food that feeds the body, soul and spirit.


With absolute conviction: organic – substainable – fair


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