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Cooperation between farming and distribution

First there was an idea. Then before more than 40 years the world first producer cooperativ of organic farmers was founded. Today we are a growing economic community, which is consious about its high responsibility for the nature.


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Our claim: Highest organic-quality

The Biodynamic method is the basis of our actions; it is in our hearts. For us, sound management in accord with nature means viewing the soil, plants, animals and man as part of a unified whole, that we develop in careful co-operation. In the production of healthy food, soil fertility, closed nutrient cycles and animal husbandry appropriate to the species, as well as many other aspects such as environmental protection, play decisive roles. 


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Processing of pure natural ingrediens

Processing should add value while not diminishing food quality, and our aim is to ensure that raw material quality is maintained, enhanced and made available for digestion. We lay value on having raw materials for processing from our producer cooperative. Strict biodynamic or other organic standards for production through to processing ensure high standards are met. It is self-evident that we use no artificial additives, colourings, preservatives, taste enhancers, isolated substances, aromas or other materials that could compromise maintaining product quality.

Good products – that’s our claim

We at Demeter-Felderzeugnisse GmbH, as one of the pioneers in the organic market want to offer under our brands an alternative to customary products.

Healthy, delicious food for man and animal is our goal. For more than 20 years we have been consistently pursuing the objective of processing high value raw materials in a natural but quality enhancing way for our customers.


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