Mission statement of Demeter-Felderzeugnisse GmbH


The challenge

  • Mission statement of Demeter-Felderzeugnisse GmbH.
  • We promote sustainable agriculture though we apply our commitment to biodynamic agriculture.
  • We take on the responsibility for marketing outside the region and for opening up new marketing opportunities on behalf of our growers.


The farmer

  • Each individual farmer contributes to the success and strength of our community through his work.
  • We count on people who have made it their task to contribute to the enlivening of our earth.



  • Every co-worker contributes to our achievements through his interest and personal commitment.
  • We respect and support the individual development of our co-workers.

The product

  • Highest expectations of the certified organic production method as a guarantee for the inherent qualities of our products.
  • Processed gently to retain top quality.
  • Use of up to date technologies in production, processing and market preparation to yield optimal marketability.
  • Certified transparency!


The service

  • We establish ongoing connections.
  • Individual and solution oriented customer liaison and support.
  • Provision of an extensive biodynamic product range.
  • Reliable and efficient trade procedures


Market strategy

  • Innovative and proactive  for our customers

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