For mankind and the earth!


Visions and thoughts are the pictures that provide a guiding thread to our lives


Invigoration of the earth using the biodynamic method of agriculture to provide suitable nutrition for mankind, and achieving this in social co-operation is our particular concern. We want to offer our products as an ecological and sustainable alternative to those who wish to live their lives consciously. As the first producer cooperative of Demeter farmers worldwide, we have been supporting the production of raw materials, and their processing into finished products for more than 25 years – under one roof! We aspire to the highest possible product quality, based on the biodynamic method of production. The choice of biodynamic raw materials, coupled with processing that maintains the qualities inherent in them, are prerequisites for attaining both the visible and invisible product-quality aims across our entire product line. Due to close contacts and a stable membership of Demeter and organic farmers, our products are overseen and supported from the field to final processed item. We stand for mandatory co-operation, and through it a fair and trusting partnership with our farmers, processors and customers. Together with our partners in production and processing we develop products that are consistently oriented to the needs of our customers The basis for human development is nutrition! Wholesome, appealing, tasty food for the body soul and spirit


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