If Demeter is on it, Demeter is in it.

Demeter is a trademark for Biodynamic agriculture. Only strictly inspected contracted partners are allowed to use the Demeter logo. There are inspections to check whether the complete chain from production to processing meets the exacting standards of the Demeter Association. On top of this there is the annual EU organic inspection against the EU organic regulations, which regulate the minimum standard for organic produce. The holistic Demeter requirements are over and above it. As well as foregoing the use of synthetic fertilisers and chemical plant protection agents or artificial additives in processing, they require specific promotion of life processes in the soil and in food. Demeter farmers and processors are active in building a future that is worth living. They guarantee food that has character; they guarantee intensified sensory qualities and healthy pleasure in eating.


More information at www.demeter.de


More than a small difference between Demeter and EU or

Full conversionPartial conversion allowedFull enterprise must be converted to Biodynamic management
Animal husbandryNot essentialRequirement as the farm is seen as a individual organism
Dehorning of cattleAllowedNot allowed
PoultryNo rooster required,
debeaking allowed
Hens are to be kept with roosters,
debeaking is not allowed
Feed for poultry and pigsDepending on the animal type,5-10% of the feed ration may be conventional. A wide spectrum of feeds allowed.100% organic feed is required for Demeter animals.
Green feedsNot necessaryRequired
Synthetic vitamins in fodderAllowedNot allowed in fodder
Origin of the animalsUp to 10% of the cattle herd may be brought in from conventional sources. (female animals without calves)Cattle and sheep: No Demeter sale of animals born before conversion, or brought in from uncertified sources.
Use of preparationsNot regulatedPreparations must be used
Working with cosmic rhythmsNot regulatedA principle of Biodynamic agriculture
SeedsSeed breeding not regulatedBreeding on farm, not in the laboratory; no hybrid multiplication.
Keine Hybridvermehrung
Breeding based on food quality
Plant protectionCopper allowedCopper usage tightly restricted
Processing of meat and sausagesNitrites are allowedNitrites are not allowed
Processing of fruit and vegetablesEnzymes and natural flavours allowedOnly aroma extracts allowed
Additives and aidsAbout 60 aids and additives are allowedRestricted number of aids allowed and specific to the products (e.g. rennet just for cheese making)

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