Our quality claim

Dedication to man, animal and the earth!

For us, sound management in accord with nature means viewing the soil, plants, animals and man as part of a unified whole, that we develop in careful co-operation. In the production of healthy food, soil fertility, closed nutrient cycles and animal husbandry appropriate to the species, as well as many other aspects such as environmental protection, play decisive roles. We work together exclusively with Biodynamic and organic enterprises who agree with our concept of quality, and who wish develop a long term trusting relationship with us.



Certificated quality from best hands

Our products are regularly put through external legally required inspections or checked by our internal quality management system. Beside this enviromental protection and sustainablity are basis princibles for all our actions.


More information about our qualitymanagement


Demeter: biodynamic quality

Demeter is a trademark for biodynamic agriculture. Only strictly inspected contracted partners are allowed to use the Demeter logo. There are inspections to check whether the complete chain from production to processing meets the exacting standards of the Demeter Association.


More information about biodynamic quality.

Binding, fair co-operation between partners

We work together exclusively with biodynamic and organic enterprises, and with colleagues who share our understanding of quality. Collaborative organic growth is the aim, in which all those involved can participate in the success of the business. The overall goal is a binding co-operation between the partners. We are certified member of the BioFairVerein.

Processing of pure natural ingrediens

Processing should add value while not diminishing food quality, and our aim is to ensure that raw material quality is maintained, enhanced and made available for digestion. We lay value on having raw materials for processing from our producer cooperative. Strict biodynamic or other organic standards for production through to processing ensure high standards are met. It is self-evident that we use no artificial additives, colourings, preservatives, taste enhancers, isolated substances, aromas or other materials that could compromise maintaining product quality.

We say NO to genetic engineering

It is the view of Demeter-Felderzeugnisse GmbH that the release of genetically modified organisms into the environment is highly questionable and is to be condemned. It serves solely the production of made to measure raw materials using economic criteria without giving consideration to possible dangers to mankind or the environment. We believe nature should not be made to conform to the economy, but rather the economy to nature. Appropriate local agriculture, and working with closed cycles are two of the essential elements of organic and biodynamic agriculture, and as such are contained in the standards to which our raw materials and products are produced.


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