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Currently we can deliver more that 300 different products – ranging from field fresh carrots, over cereals to frozen foods or animal fodder and pet food. New products are continually being developed, supported though all phases including market launch and beyond.


Holistic product quality

Products that originate from Biodynamic agriculture combine the highest possible product quality with natural, wholesome and appealing taste. For us, food is a luxury item that nourishes mankind not only physically, but also his soul and spirit.


Continuity of production

Today more that 180 producers, both inside Germany and out, belong to our regular suppliers. Long established co-operation with these enterprises, together with years of experience in handling organic and Biodynamic goods has led to continuity in production and in supply to our customers. The prerequisite for it is committed, long term working together with both the producer and the processor.


Service and Competence – quality under one roof

The orders, beginning with signing the supply contract and ending with delivery to the customer, are conducted, managed and transacted by us. Through our goal oriented trade methods we are able to stand behind co-operation that is oriented to quality, and functions smoothly.



Action is response. In this way response becomes “responsibility”.


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