Visions and thoughts are the pictures that provide a guiding thread to us.

First steps:

In 1967 a small group of Biodynamic farmers started to deliver industrial vegetables such as carrots and beetroot to processors.



In 1971 the producer co-operative for Demeter field vegetables was founded (Erzeugergemeinschaft für Demeter-Feldgemüse e.V. (EGDF)) as the first co-operative of Demeter farmers worldwide.

The aims remain the same now as they were then: the pooling of goods on offer, and the collective delivery of products from Biodynamic production to the processing industry and the trade.



In 1992 the limited liability company, Demeter-Felderzeugnisse GmbH, was registered in order to develop and professionalise the marketing of products produced by members outside the region.

  • 1994: Cereals and potatoes supplied to processors.
  • New marketing channels are developed such as the supply of frozen foods to industry and the catering sector.

  • 1996: The first Demeter deep frozen vegetables are made available to the natural food trade.

  • 2002: the trademark “Natural Cool” for Demeter deep frozen goods is introduced (vegetables, fruit, potato products, pasta products, and pizzas).

  • 2002: Organic feed for animals

  • 2004:The trademark “Bio-Landbauer” is introduced to the natural food trade for Demeter meat products.

  • 2005: The trademark “Wild Ocean” for fish products caught in sustainable fisheries appears on the market.

  • 2006: “DEFU”, a trademark for pet food with 100% organic ingredients is developed.

  • 2007: the trademark “Bio inside” for organic deep frozen product is made available to the retail trade.

The producer co-operative has developed into a modern trade organisation which integrates production and distribution, and which with its Demeter and organic products, offers an ecological and sustainable alternative.


Man influences values. Values shape decisions.

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