For mankind, animal and the earth!


Our producer cooperative


Invigoration of the earth using the biodynamic method of agriculture to provide suitable nutrition for mankind, and achieving this in social co-operation is our particular concern. We want to offer our products as an ecological and sustainable alternative to those who wish to live their lives consciously. As the first producer cooperative of Demeter farmers worldwide, we have been supporting the production of raw materials, and their processing into finished products for more than 25 years – under one roof!

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Our Service: Your partner for industry and trade

Currently we can deliver more that 300 different products – ranging from field fresh carrots, over cereals to frozen foods or animal fodder and pet food. New products are continually being developed, supported though all phases including market launch and beyond.

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Our History: Man influences values. Values shape decisions.

First there was an idea. Then before more than 40 years the world first producer cooperativ of organic farmers was founded. Today we are a growing economic community, which is consious about its high responsibility for the nature.


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