Our Brands for deep-frozen food

Natural Cool

The ‘Natural Cool’ brand offers discerning customers a comprehensive product range of organic deep-frozen goods. A real alternative for all those who put store on upmarket organic quality. For that reason products in Demeter quality are preferred for this trademark. Whether soup vegetables or green beans, potato products or pizza: our quality corresponds to the highest standards


bio inside

‘Bio Inside’ is a new product line for the nutritionally aware customer of today. It connects pleasurable eating with the wish of many consumers for uncontaminated organic food. The diligent sourcing of raw materials and its progression all the way from the field through gentle processing methods to the end product is under our watchful eye.


Wild Ocean – natural • social • sustainable 

Demeter-Felderzeugnisse GmbH has devoted itself to sustainable inshore fishery for over 10 years. With our trademark ‘Wild Ocean’ we want to not only support sustainable fishing, but also indicate reverence for life. We see fish stocks as a resource that needs protection in the long term in order to remain a permanent food source for man. We want the respect that the traditional fishermen have shown for nature over generations to live on. 

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